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Well this is my poetry....and some of it is how i feel... while some are complete fiction. So i hope u enjoy...tell me if you like em...if not shut up.

                                 Love at First site...
When i stand next to you i feel free like we were ment to be....
But when im away i feel like yesterday.....
When we met i knew it was love at first site.....
When you'd meet another girl i felt like i was going to hurl....
When i couldnt sleep id lay in bed and think of you....
When we move on i will always remember you....
When we go on with our lives i will always picture holding your hand and standing beside you....
I will always remember, it was love at first site!
By: Rachel Ferdon
                                   Like no end
Every day i go on like no end.....
I will always send the messages in pen,
If you ever contact me back,
I will kiss you with a smack!
I will love you from now until forever,
But just love me like you never....
I will always write with you...
But when your through i will miss you!
If you ever read my poem,
Please go home and show him how you love him!
By: Rachel Ferdon
I ran and tried to hide,
But that only washed away my pride.....
Back then that was my way,
To get through the days.
I didnt know what to do,
So i followed it through,
But what i didnt know....
Was how many peaople really cared though.
I didnt want to be another stranger in the dark....
Or another dog with that same bark.
You dont know how it feels....
To have problems that havnt heeled...
Dont laugh at what im speaking....
I only hope im teaching....
Teaching who u ask?
Teaching you about my past...
Helping you with what to do...
And what not to do....
SO what im trying to say is....
Dont run and hide,
Stand up and handle it with lots of pride!!
By: Rachel Ferdon
                                            True love
You may be alittle scared,
Or filled with fear,
But you shouldnt worry,
If true love is near.
You may be depressed,
Or just plain sad,
But just tell true love,
And it shouldnt be so bad.
You may laugh or giggle,
At what i am saying...
But true love,
WOnt ever be playing.
WHen you find true love....
You'll deffinatly feel it.
Trust me you'll never regret it.
Not just alittle bit.
By: Rachel Ferdon
                                      A Terrible thing, To: Coryn D
Eversense youve been gone,
The days have been long.
I really really miss you,
And im sorry for what you went through.
Why didnt you tell anyone??
We were all stunned!
You menchined it to me before...
But i just walked out the door.
I didnt really know how to act...
I wasnt exactly sharp as a tack.
Im so sorry i didnt speak!
I just really freaked!!
I wish you were still here....
And you hadnt disappeared.
I miss you so much!
And i send All of my love!
By: Rachel Ferdon
Im memory of Coryn 11-05-02
                                            I cant
I cant run I cant hide...
I cant think I cant cry...
I cant yell I cant talk....
I cant jog I cant walk....
Why do you hold me back?
Why dont u just let me go?
You always hurt me....
Like you hate me though....
You say you love me,.
And you say you care..
But yet you lie...
And now its my turn,
By: Rachel Ferdon
                                                  Mine only & truely
Your love is unconditional love,
You say it with your hugs,
You wonder why i changed,
i did it so i can be in your range,
i love you so much,
i show you with my touch,
why cant you understand,
you are my man
By: Rachel Ferdon
                                              Lifes lesson
Lifes to sweet to end,
but this is just the beginning my friend.
Be careful of every decision you make,
for their may be consequences to take.
Be careful of what you say,
Because people might take it in a defensive way.
Try to sucseed in life,
So you dont have to fight,
Take this as a lifes lesson,
Not as a confession.......
By: Rachel Ferdon
To you dad
The one whom i love,
I will miss you wherever you may go,
You will always  be in my heart though,
You've been at my side....
Through thick or thin,
In loss or win,
I appreciate all the things youve done,
For all the fun,
And i hope theres alot more where that came from.
I just wanna tell you,
I miss and love you!
By: Rachel Ferdon
                                            Best friends
Over the years,
We have came to tears.
Our friendship has been broken,
And few choice words were spoken,
we've been through conflicts,
But yet our friendship still sticks.
Sense the 3rd grade,
Our friendship has remained the same.
If we wouldnt have said hi.....
We wouldnt have this time to say goodbye.....
p.s Ottis....lmao if you move i'll miss you dont forget me!!!
By: Rachel Ferdon
                                          wont go away
Away from me....
Please just let me be.
Why cant you just go away!
And leave me be in peace.
Your always around,
And can always be found.
Inside my head.....
Are all of the things i wanna say instead.
But i keep to myself,
My feelings and health,
I always say im fine....
When inside im crying....
Crying out my loudest,
By: Rachel Ferdon
                                       (My fav.) Broken Tears
She sits here wondering whats going on,
She feels as if her life is one screwed up song.
She is sick of being scared,
For what is comming she is not prepared.
She didnt know it would hurt her to see him everyday.
As the tears fall down her cheeks,
Her legs give in because she is so weak.
He wasnt supposed to break her heart,
And tear her insides apart.
When she was falling to the floor,
He didnt say a word or call,
He just sat and watched as she slowely began to fall.
She had took to many pills the night before,
And he regretted calling her a whore.
He didnt know how much he hurt her,
Or he did see and just didnt care.
He understood what was going on,
And he had known hed done wrong.
He ran up to grab ahold,
But when he got there she was stone cold.
He screamed and cried,
The whole night through,
He knew she was gone and there was nothing he could do.
When her funeral came,
He sat in the back where no one could see him.
He knew he couldnt ever repair the love they had,
Because hed done wrong and things went bad.
He didnt know what to do.....
So he chose not to live life through.
Before he had made his decision,
He had prayed he'd see her in the next life,
And she would soon once again be with him.
By: Rachel Ferdon
P.S: this poem is a fictional poem lol so dont get worried cuz its not true it didnt happen to ne1 i know!
                                                      The one
When you need someone to love,
I wanna be the one.
When theres no one around to comfort you,
I wanna be the one.
When you need someone to hang with,
I wanna be the one.
When you need someone to hug,
I wanna be the one.
When you wanna spend time with someone,
I wanna be the one.
When you want a long lasting relationship with a special someone,
I would love to be the one. The person who makes a difference in your life.That someone to always be there and never stop loving you,
Please let me be that one!
By: Rachel Ferdon
                                                  Perfect person
When your eyes meet mine,
I feel as if everything is fine.
When you hold me tight in your arms,
I feel as nothing will do me harm.
When you hug me,
I feel free as if you really love me.
When you kiss me,
I feel free....
Free from heart breaks,
Free from pain,
Free as if you were the perfect person for me!
By: Rachel Ferdon
                                           Your Love
I miss you more and more as time flys by,
Only cuz your my honey, baby and sweetie pie.
I know this must sound corney to you,
But to me its a dream come true.
My love comes from deep within my heart and soul,
And it doesnt matter how many dice you roll,
Cuz nothing can compare to my love for you.
I wanna say together,
With eachother forever.
SO stick around and see,
The love that is hidden deep inside of me.
Your the only one who knows how to make me really smile,
And i wanna be with your for a long while.
Your touches so soft,
Your kiss's so sweet,
And i love the love that you have for me!
By: Rachel Ferdon
                                                All i could want
You were all i wnated and more....
So i didnt get why i let you walk out that door.
You always said i love you,
And i felt the luckiest of the few.
You were there for me through thin and thick,
But later on you turned into a huge a$$ prick.
At least with my new guy,
He doesnt make me cry.....
The day i said were through,
I never knew what i saw in you.
Youre a big wannabe player,
That need to be played,
Your times comming quick,
So you better start runnin prick
By: Rachel Ferdon

Jealousy is such and awful word....

Sometimes it can be cries unheard....

Unheard from your loved one.....

And never any fun!

Never let jealousy take over you,

Cuz what if the lies arnt true,

And your loved one loves only you?

Its happened to me in the past,

But sense I confronted my baby,

I have a feeling our relationship will last.

I have conquered jealousy,

And so can you,

Just believe your baby and believe the lies are untrue.

By: Rachel Ferdon

                       A Girls Wishes

When you wish upon a star,

Does your wish ever come true?

When you know your loved ones so far,

And you and him are thinking life through,

Do you still wish for him to be with you?

Do you want him by your side?

To be a protector and a guide?

Or the knight in shining armor?

That will come save you from harm.

Is that what every girl wishes?

Or is it in her dreams every night?

To have that love and not once fight,

To have osmeone to love and cherish them,

Till life comes to an end.

When you think the impossible happend,

Take that chance and never let it end

By:Rachel Ferdon


Crying my life down the drain,
I know it'll never be the same.
I dont want to remember my past,
I wanna move on to the future.
Forget my childhood,
Forget my memorys,
Good and bad....
They only make me depressed and sad.
Dont compare my life to yours,
Cuz mines been hell for sure.
You asked why i was crying,
So shut up and listen.
Dont try to help me,
Cuz my lifes going down the drain along with my tears.
By: Rachel Ferdon
                     Wishing for you
When you wish upon a star,
And wonder where you are....
Are you here?
Do i appear?
AM i in your arms?
Surprised by your charm?
Am i the only one dreaming this?
Or is our love in a state of complete bliss?
I love it when you gently kiss me,
And say we are meant to be....
Thanx for being at my side,
And hoping we'll be together till someone dies.
When i wish upon a star,
I wonder where you are,
And why your not here.....
And why im always alone my dear.
But when i wonder where you are....
I look up and realize im wishing upon the same star.
By: Rachel Ferdon
                        Your my happiness
When your around me,
Its like this is how it'll always be.
Your hear to always make me smile,
And its always like the x-files.
Never a dull moment,
And always full of excitement.
When i first saw you,
Thats exactly how i knew...
That we were meant for eachother,
To be at eachothers side always and forever.
You are my absolute happiness,
And no one will ever be happier then us!
By: Rachel Ferdon
                        In your eyes
When i look in your eyes,
I see the look of love.
The look of i love you no matter what....
The look of u and i always and forever.
No matter what comes our way,
Im sure we'll make it through,
Cuz i'll always be loving you!
I cant get over your touch...
Nor your sweet gentle kisses....
Your practically irrisitable to me,
And when im with you, you set me free.
WHen your gone and not here,
it sometimes brings me to tears.
Only cuz i miss you so much....
And i want to be always surrounded by your love!
By: Rachel Ferdon
                        No other love
You remind me of a time i was loved by another,
But your love for me is better.
You dont like it when i cry,
You tell me not to give up but to try.
You love me for me,
And say you'll never set me free.
And that your love for me,
Will stay for all eternity.
Your kisses so gentle and soft,
Your hugs like a warm frost.
When i say i miss you,
I really wish i was kissin you!
Your love is so irrisitable to me,
And i'll never let you be.
Only cuz i love you with all my heart,
And i know nothing will tear that apart!
By: Rachel Ferdon
Doesnt anyone hear that?
That little girls yell for help...
Did i just hear her say what happned??
Why does she look so helpless?
And so confused on what to do...
He just came and went,
Like air through a vent.
Didnt care that she said no,
And he wouldnt let her go.
I can see this all in her face,
As her parents blame her with disgrace.
It wasnt her fault,
She didnt want it....
Somebody please help her,
Cuz i cant stand it!
Before it all could begin,
When he wasnt looking,
She slipped out the window.
But no one believes her.
Only because shes so young.
She came for help.....
So help her.
Catch that guy so he can go to h***!
By: Rachel Ferdon                   
There is a certain feeling of pain or anger inside me,
Waiting to be freed.
But i know that can never be.
Sometimes i dont know what to do,
And sometimes i pull through.
Sometimes i hurt inside,
Enough to make me cry.
SOmetimes i feel glad,
Not angry or mad.
But when im in a room with you....
I feel as if we are the only two.
You make me feel happy inside,
And then i walk with lots of pride.
I dont ever want you to leave,
Because i know we are ment to be.
When you say goodbye,
I will cry and cry,
Only because u always make me feel good inside!
By: Rachel Ferdon
                        Future Past
We argue and fight,
Like every single night.
I miss the way you used to be.
The way you'd kill to get near me.
Whatever happend to our love?
You used to show me with little kisses and hugs.
I miss those days,
And you and your special ways.
But now theyre gone,
And inside my head drawn.
When your around your friends your rude,
And you have a huge attitude.
You dont know i think this,
But i miss our first kiss,
Will that be our last?
And you apart of my past?
By: Rachel Ferdon
                       No longer together
You say you still love me,
And you miss being with me.
I love you too,
But ive moved on.
You and i no longer belong together,
No more i'll love you forever.
I still love you,
But ive found someone new.
You will always have a place in my heart,
And nothing will ever change that part.
Please dont say you can change,
Cuz i've purposly moved outa your range.
I dont want to be with you again,
I'd rather become friends.
But there will always be a part of my heart that is reserved for you!
By: Rachel ferdon
                     Best buds are there
When i had nobody,
You were the one who was there.
When i was hurt,
You were the one who cared.
When i couldnt do something,
You were the one who believed.
When i needed something,
You were the one who retrived.
Eversense i met you,
I am who i am because of you.
You will be my best friend no matter what comes our way.
Im glad i met you that day.
Because we wouldnt be the best of friends we are today!
To: Maria.....By: Rachel Ferdon
                   Tommys poem that i helped inspire......
-words of blasphomy-
i feel the deep pain strike right through my heart
as the words that you uttered strike out like a dart
the last words i thought id hear from you have finally been said
nothings left of my soul, im done for, im dead.
now i know what it feels like to have my entity took
now that youve said it my whole world has shook
god cast me a hand that only the devil would draw
for your words have frozen me and i've nowhere to thaw
 ~~Thomas Hall~~
                                      To my one and only
 youve shined light on a once darkened soul
sense ive been with you ive seen my life dreams unfold,
ive never felt like this in my life,
youve replaced with love what once was strife.
i look at myself now and think to back when
how could i have not had you by my side then
your a blessing like no other, a true gift to me from above,
its just not possible for me to show you how much i love.
when im with you it feels as if we should never seperate,
it seems as though our togetherness was some twist of fate.
i used to look at you and want to be with you but then id think never,
but now here we are with enough love to last us forever.
~~Thomas Hall~~

                   Walking down the hall       


walking down the hall i think i see his face,

with his soft brown hair and slow majestic pace.

Yes there he is hes coming in clear.

I call out his name but he doesnt even hear.

To him i am invisible, there is no one there.

He doesnt seem to want to see, nor does he care.

Here he comes, hes coming up now.

I hold my breath and think "dont get nervous now" Maybe he will notice me this time, maybe he will see.

That we were meant for each other just maybe.

He walks right by, his eyes dont shift my way.

He missed me again but thats ok.

Maybe we werent for each other, he was just a passerby.

But something i didnt want to do was just say goodbye.

I watch him down the hall, he goes the other way.

I guess he will never see, but thats ok

By:Briget Faille

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