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Expresiones Muy Utiles!!

Very Useful Expressions!!! Sorry but i couldnt put in the accents and all that good stuff cuz it wont let you...so try to sound it out the best u can!

Yellow Bouncing 3D X

A hangover- una resaca
A Pain in the arse- un conazo (vulgar)
Better late then never- Mas cale tarde que nunca
Leave me alone- Dejame en paz!
Let the cat out of the bag- revelar un secreto
Lets have one for the road- Tomamos la penultima
Make yourself at home- Sientete como en tu casa
No wonder- No me extrana
Pissed as a newt- borracho como una cuba
By the way- A proposito
By all means- No faltaria mas/Por Supuesto
Chat someone up- Ligar con alguien
Cheer up!- Animate!
Cross your fingers- Cruzando los dedos
Get the sack- Ser despedido
Help youself- Sirvete
Hurry up- Date Prisa
I must be off- Tengo que irme
I havent got a clue- No tengo ni idea
If only- Ojala
It serves you right- Lo mereces
It rings a bell- Me suena
Its up to you- Tu eliges
Keep your hair on!- Calmate!
Pull the other one- Anda ya!
Really!- De verdad!
Same here- Yo tambien
Talk of the devil- Hablando del rey de roma
Watch out!- Ten cuidado!
Were you born in a field/barn?- Cierra la puerta
What a rip off- Que timo
What a mess- Que lio
What a cheek!- Que cara
Your pulling my leg- Me estas tomando el pelo
Youre kidding- Estas de broma
Bitchy- de mala leche, venenoso
Stubborn- terco, testarudo, tozudo

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Have fun reading this and i hoped you enjoyed my web site!!