Rachel's Online World!!!

My Favorites

This page is devoted to all of my favorite stuff!!! Enjoy!

My Fav type of food: Spicey & Italian

My fav. color: BLUE

My fav. Breakfast food: Smores Pop Tarts

My fav. Drink: Mountain Dew

My fav. show: The Sopranos

My fav. reality show: Real World & Fear Factor

My fav. Place: St.Thomas (virgin islands)

My fav. nickname: Rach

My fav. Computer game: Rollar Coaster Tycoon

My fav. Website: Ebaumsworld.com

My fav. School subject: Percussion class

My fav. gum: Polar Ice by Extra

My fav. candy: Hot Tamales

My fav. chips: Sour cream & onion

My fav. food: Garlic knots

My fav. brand of shoes: Etnies

My fav. stupid dog: HOLLY!

My fav. sport: Football

My fav. football team: Tampa Bay Bucs!

My fav. Instrument: DRUMS

My fav. brand of sticks: Pro mark

My fav. Screen name: RedHdDrummerChic

My fav. Cat: Miney mouse!!

My fav. car: Nissan Xterra or Nissan Frontier

My fav. Store: Rave

My fav. ice cream: Chocolate

My fav. kind of pie: Apple

My fav. type of shoe: Sandle

Gold or silver: Gold

Brownies or cake: Brownies

Kmart or Walmart: Kmart

My fav. Day: Friday

My fav. holiday: Holloween

If i think of more i will add em well l8er pplz!!!

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