Rachel's Online World!!!

Shout Outz

If i forgot anyone please tell me....

To Dad: Hey dad even thought we dont see eachother as much nemore i still love and miss you...hope everythings going all right...and schools doing good....have fun on your new job well i love you and thanx for the drumset im in love with it!!

To Lacey: Hey Ms.Spacey!!! We had some really fun times at the games, lunch, and school period!! We gotta hang out more!! Your an awesome, outgoing person and im hear for ya if u need nething!! Your pretty strong tho lol i still got bruises!!!

To Audrey: Hey...We've been thru everything imaginable and yet were still friends...Thanx for everything and i dont really kno what went on that one night but i dont care anymore....that was in the past...Thanx for runnin over my foot lol and all the fun times on the 4 wheeler!!! If it wasnt for u i would prob never get the chance to ride one be4 i died lmao!!

To Donny: Hey baby, You the best guy ne1 could ever have im so happy u gave me your number that day and i called u over the summer or we wouldnt have wut we do today. I love you soo much and its only been about 3 month's. We've been thru so much and our relationship had gotten so much stronger. Those nights we partied were good nights lol. Thanx for being by myside also no matter wut happend. I love you donny.

To Maria: Hey Maria!! Look youve always been there for me and cheered me up when i was at my witts end to everything...Thank you soo freakin much and if you ever need help with anything...no matter what it is im there for ya...Well new years was fun! Hopefully we can have more nights like that lol!! Damn roaches! lol

To Tori: Hey Gurl!! We've gotten closer durring the past year and your an awesome person! I love playing drums with ya...Keep up your cool personality and if u need help on nething call me and im there!!Thanx for always bein by my side when i needed ya! Hey lol Remember Aicha and numa numa?? We gotta i mean gotta do somethin really stupid this year lol....and pick on R.T.P again haha!! Good times...Your b-day was fun by the way lol hope it was a good one for you!

To Briget: Hey Briget!! Your a really cool person and you care alot about things...idk how you do it i would flip on every1 but thanx for all the help when i needed it!!

To Mike: Hey Party time right?? NO!?? well How about now?? We dont really talk any more but best of luck with you and ur new girlfriend!! Hope to talk to ya soon!

To Krysta: Hey!! Write me back Damn it!!! You either forget or leave the NB at home!! come on woman get with the program lol well c ya in 6th!! And no i do not like Bret as more then a friend!

To roman:Ya know somethin....Your a pretty cool person im glad that we are on good terms with eachother....Well aint got much to say c ya in school!

To Monkey:Hey Woh!! Its been awhile sense i talked to you...Cant wait till you come over next year!! I dont like most of the people in band right now cuz theyre not immature like i am lmao!! So u better be in band next year!! No ifs ands or buts about it!

To Jen:Fun Fun Fun times!! Hey Jenny! Meet...Loaf!!! lol well hope to have more fun times and i hope they dont die out! Best of luck to you and chris!!

To Sarah:Hey....Never a dull moment at your house lol! I feel bad for you...Cuz u have to see that guy that hopped over ur fence everyday lol! Dumbass boys!! They are useless lol! Well it should be even better next year!! C ya l8erz!!

To Chelsea:Hey Ms.Basketball All-Star lol....Your a multi talented person! Drums, Sax, And basketball! Good job!!! Well C ya round!!!

To Matt:Hey Matt!!!Times have been wonderful!! Thanx for sticking up for me! Good luck in relationships l8er on! Your a really cool person....You deserve someone really sweet....Well...I promise to give ya more hugs...As long as u let go! lol Well C ya around in school! Stay Sweet!!

To Cory:Hey cory!! Keep the hedges going!! We gotta hang out like we do in band and pick on matty!!! Well stay cool and dont get into ne trouble!!

To Katie L:Hey even tho we didnt get along before your still a cool person...But just watch what ya do next yr cuz you could get in trouble lol not with me tho....Well stay cool!

To Jamie:Hey Your an awesome person!!! Stop laughin at me when i hurt myself lol....Well it is kinda funny! I really did it this time tho didnt i!! Well stay cool and keep in touch!

To Cher C:Hey....You and Gerome?? Whats with you two! and sorry for hiding your spanish book today!! I had to do it lol!! Well keep in touch and dont get in any trouble!!!

To Katie K:Hey Katie!! Thanx for all the fun times with Jenny and I....You know what im talkin bout lol!

To Chubs:Hey!! Remember the good Ol' days?? No chicken pox lol!! Well we've known eachother for how many yrs?? Stay cool woman! lol

To Steven:STOP SPEAKING SPANISH IN SCIENCE!!! You have turned into one crazy Mo Fo you and your food universe!!! Well have fun And keep it cool in science!!

To:Anthony C: Hey thanx for everything with steve n all!! Im so happy we got to know eachother better now that were both in the same band lmao! Well hope to hang out soon!!!

To Hammie:Good job keepin Adam in line!! lol you really know how to keep control of a guy and i give ya props! Well c ya in science and stay weird as usual lol j/k ttyl!

To Adam S:Hey...You and Hammie are goin strong still.....You guys are really good together and i wish the best of luck to you both! Well Well Well...Fun times in personal fitness let me tell ya lmao!!

To Adam F:Hey!! I miss ya over at the high school!! I cant wait till you come over next year! That oughta be interesting!! Well keep it cool and dont break to many girls hearts!! You stud you lmao!

To Mikey D:Hey Hott stuff hows it goin?? You are the funniest person in Hudson and you really know how to make someone laugh and piss em off at the same time! Well keep it cool your still my lil P.I.M.P!!

To Marco:Hey boi!! Thanx for the ham at lunch lol and i do not know how you can eat chicken over and over again! I give ya props! And you lied when u said u didnt have gum!! I oughta hurt you!!! Well c ya in lunch!

>To Danielle:Hey Woman! Nice talkin to ya at lunch!! Thanx for all the gum and pep talks lol you really help me out and you play basketball really good!! Keep it up!!

To Nikki:Hey Gurl!! We dont really talk as much anymore! Why not?? Lol well hope to talk to ya more and i'll see ya at school!

To Nicolette: Thanx for all of your help! I hope everything goes ok with you know who! Well ttyl we gotta hang out sometime!! C ya at the bus stop lol!

To: Phil! Hey boi fun times in band eh?? lol well keep those weed wackers runnin lmao!!

To Jimmy: Hey my Buddy!!! Your an extremely awesome person!! And thanx for bein there when i needed someone to talk to!!! I love ya!!! lol Keep it cool homie!

To:Steve F: Your quite the sports fan,Sorry things didnt work out....Sorry your not the type to goin back to friends cuz you just turned completely immature and a complete ass hole but i'll be the bigger person and wish ya the best of luck with everything!!

To John: Hey john....Your some1 i can come and talk to no matter what....Thanx for the encouragment...And STOP CALLIN ME GIMP!!! lol And try to pass spanish lol if ya need help im hear....

Thank you for all of the fun times!!!

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